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Flexibility features

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1 Flexibility features on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:06 am

Now you can use different combinations of signals at different market conditions.

Often, when market conditions change, usual strategy starts to fail. Different market conditions require different set of rules (signals).

Now EAs can change signals in the combination dynamically, when EA is running: one signals cancel or add other signals to the combination.

Let's see simple example to easier understand this functionality:
This example strategy needs only one breakout signal when volatility is high. When volatility is lower, breakout signal must be confirmed by other signal (indicator RSI).

It would look like this:
When ATR < 0.0035 we will need signals: 1) Breakout signal; 2) RSI > 50
Otherwise one signal is enough to open position: 1) Breakout signal.

You can create such logic by following these steps:
1. Create Breakout opening buy signal,
2. Create RSI > 50 opening buy signal (continuous),
3. Create ATR < 0.0035 addition signal (continuous),
4. Open "Flexibility Management" page, select opening RSI signal on "Addition Management" side and click "Create new rule",
5. Select this new rule from the list below,
6. Click on addition signal above to add it to the rule,
7. Described logic is ready now, you can either download EA, add aditional features or create more signals (e.g. for sell).

You can create very advanced and flexible expert advisors by using addition or cancelation functionality.

Usually traders do not look at such complex functionality, because it is very time consuming task to program such functioanlity manually, but we all know that different market conditions requires a bit different strategy. It is now up to you to try and find what generates profits for you consistently.

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